Packing House

Operating on packing houses with complete facilities and well trained crews are our main requirements from our suppliers to ensure high quality produce. In our packing areas, we take care of a streamlined workflow.

All harvesting procedures are attended by our field quality inspectors who are doing the livecut. In other words, the bananas in each box have been thoroughly inspected by our Quality Inspectors from cutting to packing. Once the bananas arrive at the packing house, they are hanged at the patio for inspection.

The hands are cut and our quality inspectors supervise the selection of the good hands while those which are not export quality are rejected. Each hand is then sprayed with high-pressured water to remove insects and other unwanted particles before dropping it on the first wash tub.

Along the first wash tub, the selectors are positioned. They inspect further each hand and select it according to the needed segregation based on size or classification. All selected hands are then placed on the second wash tub for

packing according to segregation. Depending on the requirement, the packer then takes out the hands for weighing and packing. The packing procedure is done carefully and only high quality materials are used. All processes are well regulated to avoid delay from harvest to packing and until the boxes are loaded to

the containers. This is closely monitored in order to ensure that the bananas are fresh and are in perfect condition. The company’s goal is to provide only the best fruits to our customers. This is the reason why we always take a step forward in training our people and supporting our growers with the needed farm inputs to

promote quality processing for quality bananas.

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